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SPECA alumni establish Alumni Association; founding Chairperson is elected first President

UP SPECA’s alumni established an Alumni Association (ALAS) last August 31 during the Alumni Dinner held in celebration of the organization’s twelfth year anniversary.

Aside from strengthening the relationship of SPECA’s present members with its alumni, the ALAS was established to make information dissemination  to the organization’s alumni more efficient. The ALAS is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Batch Representatives, all of whom shall serve for a term of one year.


SPECA Alumni Association’s Officers. From left: Batch 1999-2001 Rep.Maize Villanueva, Batch 2003 Rep. Aura Faustino, Secretary Marvin Olaes, Vice-President Benson Logronio, Batch 2005 Rep. Ex Alcantara, President Kenneth Jose Bajar, Batch 2004 Rep. Eraine Arao, Batch 2006 Rep.Mitch Alvarez, Batch 2007 Rep. Nico Arguelles, Batch 2008 Rep. Judith Apolinario, Batch 2009 Rep. Napoleon Arnaiz

SPECA’s alumni elected the organization’s most prominent founding member and first Chairperson, Kenneth Jose Bajar as the Alumni Association’s first President. Other officers of ALAS are:

Vice-President: Benson Logronio

Secretary: Marvin Olaes

Batch Representatives:

Vice-President: Benson Logronio

Secretary: Marvin Olaes

Batch Representatives:

Maize Villanueva (1999-2001)

Aura Faustino (2003)

Eraine Arao (2004)

Ex Alcantara (2005)

Mitch Alvarez (2006)

Nico Arguelles (2007)

Judith Apolinario (2008)

Napoleon Arnaiz (2009)


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